Scifi Trailer

Scifi/horror teaser animation produced with students at a Danish VFX school.

Client brief: We need a film project that will challenge our students, be useful in their portfolios when seeking apprenticeships. and work as a commercial attracting new students for our 3D courses.


Director: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Client: 3D College Denmark
Year: 2013

Production company: 3D College Denmark/figment

Art director: Kasper Appel

Space suit modelling & texturing: Mark B. Poulsen, Kennie Walsh
Scene modelling & texturing: Tommy Andersen, Benjamin Brøste, Louis Andersen, Svend Holmeboe Pedersen, Kris Daniel Pedersen, Jacob Andersen, Kennie Walsh, Skjold R. Larsen, Lasse Stræde Andersen, Søren M. Madsen, Kimmy Sander, Anna Iara Ejlersen, Christoffer Mølck

Environment artists: Kimmy Sander, Søren M. Madsen
Rigging: Lasse Stræde Andersen, Stefan Hansmar
Character animation: Mette Ibh Crone Aarestrup
Rigid body simulation development: Lasse Stræde Andersen, Stefan Hansmar, Torben E. Christensen
Animation supervisor: Jais Bredsted

Score, sound mix & mastering: Martin Ahm Nielsen

Lighting, compositing & editing: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Copyright © 2013 3D College Denmark/figment


Anima Mundi, 2014, Brazil


3D World Magazine, 2013, UK